Council Staffing Structure

 The Council employs one member of staff for 24 hours per month.
She is a qualified  Parish Clerk and is also the Proper Officer of the Council
as well as being the 
Responsible Finance Officer. 


Council Committee Structure 

The Council does not have a Committee Structure. It meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month. 
The Council does not meet in August and December. 



Whippingham News Letter 1

Whippingham News Letter 2

Information available from Whippingham Parish Council under the model publication scheme. 

Whippingham Transparency Policy 

Declarations of interest 

Complaints procedure

Vexatious procedure 

Budget 2015-16 

Budget 2016-17 

Budget 2017-18 

Whippingham Parish Council Risk Management 

Equality and Diversity Policy 

Dignity at Work Policy