Parish History

Whippingham is best known for its connections with Queen Victoria especially Mildred's Church  which was redesigned by Prince Albert. The village became the centre of the royal estate supporting Osborne House and Barton Manor. 

The farms, school, almshouses, forge and cottages were rebuilt when they became part of the Queen's estate and Prince Albert had a 'model farm' built at Barton. Queen Victoria took a close interest in 'her people' in Whippingham, providing for them in sickness and in health. 

St Mildred's Church is the Church of England Parish Church.   Its close connection with Queen Victoria is reflected in the many memorials in the church  which commemorate members of the Royal Family and the Royal Household. A side chapel is dedicated to the Battenberg/Mountbatten family. 

Whippingham played an important part in the second world war as the SARO Works were located  down Folly Lane on the banks of the River Medina. Saro Works were  part of Saunders-Roe.